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Web applications or fondly known as Web Apps, as you know are programs that allow us to carry out specific task what the app is intended to with the help of internet. If you are a proud owner of an iOS device, check out these useful Web Apps:


Apps for iOS

• Gmail:

This popular web mail service from Google can now be on your iOS device. This application allows you to compose emails, draft your messages and even read messages from your Inbox while you are offline. With the auto-complete feature, all you need to do is just type in the first few letters of a name from your contacts and the rest will be filled in by the app. Furthermore, the app also includes the popular features of Gmail like the spam filter, view by conversation, message archiving and much more. Thus, a comprehensive Gmail experience, now possible on your iOS!


• YouTube:

Though the iOS devices come with a built-in YouTube app, there seem to be some minor issues with it. So, if you are looking for some better YouTube experience on your iOS, you can check out this web app hat was released in the late July. This HTML5 oriented app comes out as a resolving answer to the primitive iOS app. So, for those of you who spend ample time browsing videos over YouTube, this app will offer a video with denser toolbars and will also provide a better navigation.


• Food Network:

Budding and aspiring chefs’ can make use of this app. The Food Network app allows you to browse and check out various dishes and recipes along with the ingredients and quantity. You can even sort your preferences under ingredients, theme and even the Chef himself. Choose a chef and follow his style to check out if you can deliver the same quality as him. So, foodies, this one’s for you!


• Remote Buddy:

This app allows you to control your Mac using your iOS device, preferably an iPhone. Use this app to access hundreds of apps on Mac, type on your Mac from your iPhone on-screen keyboard, activate the iSight camera and even use your iPhone as a mouse for your Mac. A great app, but remember, this works only with Mac.


• Social networking apps:

Yeah, I know, it does not require any explanation. There are a number of social networking apps for your iOS device. Use the one which you have an account on or use every app. Facebook, dig, twitter and there is much more!


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• Movie Times:

Now power your iOS device with the Movie Times app and check out the movies being played in cinemas near you. Select according to your location, time preference and even the hall. This app uses the GPS to locate you and the service of your choice.


• MapQuest:

If at any point of time, you feel you are sort of lost, then pull out your iOS device, open up this app and get voice based turn-by-turn instructions on driving directions, GPS navigation and much more. This is a free app that is devoid of updates or expiry dates. The app will also guide you towards the right route, just in case you travel in a wrong path. You can also check out for the nearest restaurants; gas stations and also provide you with traffic updates over a regular interval. So, if somebody asks you to get lost go ahead and indeed get lost, because you have MapQuest as a backup!


Image source: vtualerts

There are several hundreds and thousands of other iOS Web apps spread over the internet that allows you to perform a variety of things. If you have any interesting apps in your mind, do share them in your comments section below.

Written by Celestine Mayer – Edited by Nizam Khan

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