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The lock screen widget is one of the enhancements done in Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. Lock screen widgets allows Android users to have access to updates and important notifications from your favorite apps. There’s no need to unlock the Android phone every time you need to check, notifications can be seen with just one glance on your Smartphone.

android lock screen apps

The lock screen widgets are very handy especially if you use patterns to secure your Smartphone. It is possible to view those notifications without unlocking the phone. Here are some useful Android lock screen apps that you can choose from:

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  1. DashClock Widget – this is a free to download app and it was developed by one of Google’s trusted developer, Roman Nurik.  Using a single lock screen, you can view various notifications such as SMS, missed calls, emails, battery status and alarm.
  2.  Simple Calendar Widget – this is another free download at Google Play Store. You can customize this app, from its color scheme, fonts and up to the layout. Users also have the option to display the events that they want to be shown.
  3. Simple RSS Widget – If you want to attend your favorite news feed at a glance, this lock screen app is for you. You can customize the gadget to display the number of news of the RSS feeds that you have subscribed. You also have the option to type the URL manually or use Google Reader as your additional source. Android users can choose the color, text and adjust how frequently you want to receive updates. It is also a free app that you can download in Google Play Store.
  4. Simple Dialer Widget – If the primary purpose of your Smartphone is to make calls, this lock screen app is the right one for you. The dialer is displayed on your lock screen; hence you can make a call without unlocking your Smartphone. You can also check your contacts and call logs using this widget. This widget is free to download when you visit Google Play Store.
  5. Battery Widget – If there’s one thing in common among smartphone users is they check up on the status of the battery level of their devices. If you have this useful lock screen app installed on your Android phone, the large circle on the screen indicates the status of the battery. You can download it for free but only for a limited time or pay $1.99 if you want this lock screen app.
  6. Any Do and Tasks Widget – There is a plethora of To-Do apps that you can get in Google Play Store. Nevertheless, the Tasks and Any Do apps stand out among the rest of these To-Do apps. These two apps have different interface or a theme, but both of them are focused on the things that need to be achieved. These two are considered useful lock screen apps because you can view your to-do list without unlocking the phone.
  7. No Nonsense Notes - If you need a virtual notepad every now and then, check out this lock screen app. You can browse through your notes even if your screen is locked. It shows snippets from the notes that you have saved and sync it with your Google account too.
  8. Tiny Flashlight + LED – Your smartphone can be your savior if you suddenly find yourself in dark place especially if you have installed Tiny Flashlight + LED as your lockscreen app. With a single tap, you can switch on the flash light. It is available at Google Play Store and it’s free of charge.

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Image source: cellphonebeat.com

What’s your favorite android lock screen apps? Do share your views in the comment section, we’ll be glad to hear from you.

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