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Well, it may be opportunistic for the gadget market and users, to get hands on the iPhone 5, but is it an opportunity for Apple too. With high competition on the rise, Apple has to keep up with its pretenses for newness and creativity.

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Lumia, and Samsung GS3 are also the part of this competition, or should I say, drive the competition. Three of the smartphones, have all different features and the manufacturers still have the best market share. The Nokia Lumia 920 will come out in November and so the market will regulate again.

However, whichever handset you may buy; make sure that you take care of it. The more expensive the smart phones are the delicate in nature they keep on becoming. For example, look at the iPhone. The iPhone 5 is very thin, has 20% lighter weight as compared to its previous versions. Its pixel strength is 1300 X 600-ish and you know how wide its screen depth is. The screen needs protection from harm and rough touch as well. There are two ways to provide security and safety to iPhone. Either buy cases/covers for it, or go for the insurance cover for the iPhone. Let’s discuss the two options for your ease to decide among the two.

1) To cover your iPhone in cases and covers, you should make sure that the accessories you choose are worth using. The materials like metal, wood, hard plastic do not do the thing right. The harder the material chosen for the accessories, the more damage to the gadget will come.  When you have a metallic case or a cover, the harder the fall, the harder hit will it be to the gadget. The inside features can be damaged.

2) If you choose the softer materials, like leather and silicone, they may be good. Silicone material has very good friction, so if you go for such accessories, make sure that you choose silicone over any other material. It will stick onto the iPhone as if it was glued, and will come out instantly when you pull it off.  Having a good grip is very handy not just for holding the iPhone but also when you place the iPhone on a flat surface such as a table.

3) Insurance on the third hand can save you from all this hassle. Covers and cases may protect the phone from cosmetic damages and scratches. Insurance will cover it against theft as well as any form of accidental damage such as cracked screen or liquid damage. By Paying either a small monthly fee or upfront payment for the entire year, you will be able to protect your phone easily. It is worth getting insurance for protection against the greater financial loss but also worth getting a case to help protect it against cosmetic damages.

There are many choices and ways to insure the phone; either directly through the network, through a general insurance company or through specialist gadget and mobile phone insurance companies. You should do your research online and go for an insurance that provides the right cover at the right price.

What safety tips do you consider for your iPhone? Do share your opinion in the comment section, we’ll glad to hear from you.

This is a  guest post by Muhammad Azam. He is a technology and gadget enthusiast who has previously written for some highly respectable companies such as Protect your bubble who are one of UK’s leading mobile phone insurance provider. If you want to cover your iphone from damage and theft then you can go to their website for best insurance quotes.

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