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When you need to find a web designer for your next web project, it is important to choose someone who will do a good job at an affordable price. Ideally, finding a designer who is familiar with or has experience working in your market or industry would be best. Your goal should be to find a web designer who will listen to your wants and needs to create a website that truly represents the image that you want to portray.

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Tip #1 – Getting Started

You can locate web designers simply by searching the web or by asking colleagues and friends for references. You can choose to work only with local web designers who live in your area so you can meet face-to-face to discuss your ideas for the project, or agree to work online with designers outside your local area. Once you get a decent list of options, it’s time to go through their websites to see what they offer, how much they charge and to find out a little bit more about their work.

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Tip #2 – Review the Information

Take a look at the portfolio of website the designer has created before for other clients or, if you are simply looking at design templates, review the websites they have designed and see if anything suits your needs. If you don’t see anything that matches your style or interests, you might want to move onto the next designer on your list. The next step is to look at the packages and pricing that is available. We all have budgets to work by, so there is no shame in passing on a spectacular designer simply because they charge too much for their work.

Tip #3 – Know What to Avoid

Watch out for designers that charge you by the page. A design job should be charged by the whole website. Paying per page can increase costs dramatically. Ask about the intellectual property ownership and rights of the design. When you buy a design you should be given ownership rights to you can make changes or modifications as-needed without having to pay the designer again in the future. Make sure that you register and host the website domain in your name – not the designers.

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Before you sign any contract, make sure to read the fine print to ensure that you are getting everything you agreed upon. Once all the details are taken care of, you can put your focus on developing your new website.

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Do you have any tips to reach a perfect web designer? Do share your views in the comment section, we’ll be glad to hear from you.
Authored by  Annette Hazard – Edited by Nizam Khan
This is a guest post contributed by Annette Hazard. She is a freelance writer that has written about business and technology. Currently she is promoting web resellers. To learn more about Linux web hosting and becoming a reseller, please visit Midphase.com.

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