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In the modern era, no business can go without maintaining a presence on social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter. However, such a presence does not mean that a company is actually reaching its target audience. Many corporations, then, can copy a page from the social media success of the top 20 companies to establish names for themselves as leaders in social media rankings.

Social Business: Unsurprisingly, the top three companies to wield power in the world of social media are all media companies: Viacom, the Walt Disney Co. and News Corp.

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In 2011, News Corp. earned the second-highest revenues of any media company in the world. If you’ve never heard of News Corp., you’re certainly familiar with company head Rupert Murdoch, who, in spite of recent scandals, has managed to inspire brand loyalty among social media followers. The media conglomerate’s many divisions – including Fox News, Wall Street Journal and Twentieth Century Fox – maintain a well-supported presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Social Business Power Rankings

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