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PlayStation 4 has been officially announced on February 20, 2013, during the PlayStation Meet in New York. It is one of the most awaited gaming consoles. According to Sony’s claims, it Is going to be one of the biggest things of this year. It boasts numerous intuitive and amazing features.

Playstation 4

The new device will be marketed by Sony from Christmas 2013 and is all set to compete with the latest gaming console leaders like Nintendo Wii U and the upcoming version of Xbox.

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• Playstation 4 Specifications

Coming to the technical features of PlayStation 4, the x86 processor is one of the most notable hardware specifications integrated with a powerful integrated GPU that will yield excellent high performance graphics with lightning fast render time. It is a gaming console integrated with PC-Based system. So it is basically a PC with a blu-ray drive. If you purchase the console, you won’t need either of them.

Here is the video of Playstation 4 Details Revealed by Rev3Games.

[media url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rFxl87VtnmM" width="100%" height="400"]

• Playstation 4 Features

Eye: One of the features which grabbed the attention of many eyeballs is it’s new Playstation Eye Technology, a revolutionary technological art-piece, However, similar to the Xbox Kinect, includes two-highly sensitive cameras embedded with sensors. Their primary function is to separate out the player image from the background thereby delivery enhanced gameplay experience.

Controllers: The new generation controllers retain their original design and mould, only notable addition is the enhanced vibration patterns.

UI: PS4 sports an intuitive user interface, a complete overhaul compared to its predecessor OS.

Move and Vita: Sony announced Move console system, would be an integral part of PS4.  You can now stream games directly to your Vita console.

• Playstation 4 Price                                        

There hasn’t been any official statement regarding PS4’s price tag. However, it is rumored to be priced at a range of 450$. In India, It will though cost a bit higher and approximately around 27,000 INR (Including taxes) according to a few speculations.

Image source: coroflot

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