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If a product is highly preferred by buyers, they gain market dominance that spells a big chunk in market share. That’s the story of most technology products that are in the market. Once a product is still preferred by buyers, and then you gain market dominance and become a run-away winner in the market competition.

MicrosoftThat’s the story of Microsoft when it gained its bully status way back in 1981 once it started buying DOS so that they could become a player in the operating system market. Next thing we know they’ve knocked off IBM’s OS/2 with Windows, Word Perfect with Windows Office and Lotus 1-2-3 with Windows Excel and placed Apple on the side in this line of product. Microsoft played all the imaginable games during those times, which enabled them to take over all competition. They imitated specific competition, intimidated them later by launching new and trendy products, and further evolved their products to gain an even bigger slice of the pie. We can say that during those times, they had the leverage against everyone and no one dared challenge them to the top.

• The Tide Changes

Those were the good times. At the start of the 21st century, a new trend was brewing. We saw the rise of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets with computer capabilities. The shift happened at a short span of time. The desktop stayed on the sidelines and laptops became a better choice against its bulky counterpart. Smartphones and tablets sprouted like mushrooms from all corners. Internet usage became more affordable and later became a necessity in almost every household. Info search began to be conducted online so search engines became highly in demand.

Then the tide began to change. Microsoft tried to buy Yahoo but failed. Its Bing search engine was never that good to overcome the abilities of Google. There was even a time when Google accused Bing of stealing its searches and tagging to boost their usage.

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• Less Favored

There were also other products that were gaining favorability. Linux was later considered as a better option against Microsoft products at the turn of the century. The Xbox is probably the only product that Microsoft had which people wanted to buy. All the other products issued out by Bill Gate’s company were considered prehistoric and eventually enjoyed less attention.

• Notch Up the Competition

Everyone watches silently as Microsoft fades away in history. But Bill Gates isn’t out of the competition yet. Windows 8 has recently been launched and is now being made available not only to laptops and desktops but to phones and tablets as well. Halo 4 made $220 million on its opening day and showed the gaming industry that Microsoft hasn’t disappeared yet. When Microsoft previewed SmartGlass, they showed the world that the company has plans toward cross-platform gaming and may use Xbox Surface to provide the necessary back up in its mobile gaming plans. After curing some of its glitches, Internet Explorer 10 is now fully rebuilt and ready to make waves. Bing now has a new consumer focus and that’s because of its new found relationship with Amazon, Yahoo and Facebook. They even changed their old 1997 logo into a new one.

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• From Dinosaur to Contender Status

Microsoft changed from granddaddy status to a revitalized contender in just a year’s time. We can say that the company may probably slow things down a bit. Windows 8 alone is a huge departure from the current operating system in the market today.  It’s a hybrid OS that makes ads look great and will definitely make third party players to make something better. The company is noted for rolling things on a later date but making sure they come out big. The competition still continues to improve their product so they have to make sure that they can further catch up with the changing of the times.

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Written by Henry Conrad – Edited by Nizam Khan

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