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Need quality backlinks? Well, CommentLuv enabled blogs are the best way to get backlinks. CommentLuv is a great way to build backlinks, it can bring more traffic to your blog/site and it is great way to build community with the other bloggers. It is an awesome plugin which helps blog owners to boost comments and gives commenters a backlink by showing their recent blog post.

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So, here is a list of Commentluv enabled blogs with PageRank 3 and have niche in Blogging, Tech, SEO and Internet marketing.

1. http://www.itechcode.com/

2. http://www.geekandblogger.com/

3. http://www.techgau.org/

4. http://techcrank.com/

5. http://techpatio.com/

6. http://hotblogtips.com/


8. http://www.betterbloggingforbloggers.com/

9. http://another-blogger.com/

10. http://www.wordpressians.com/

11. http://www.glosonblog.com/

12. http://superbloggingtips.com/

13. http://www.netchunks.com/

14. http://theaveragegenius.net/

15. http://slymarketing.com/

16. http://www.getpaidtowriteonline.com/

17. http://www.authopublisher.com/

18. http://www.magnet4marketing.net/

19. http://alexwhalley.com/

20. http://www.webmaster-success.com/

21. http://www.freemakemoneyadvice.com/

22. http://www.theinternetmarketingstrategies.com/

23. http://makewebworld.com/

24. http://keepupwiththeweb.com/

25. http://www.techjay.com/

26. http://allbloggingtips.com/

27. http://www.hacktabs.com/

28. http://www.arkarthick.com/


30. http://adriennesmith.net/

31. http://www.verybestsoftware.net/

32. http://www.quickblogtips.com/

33. http://enlightenednetworker.com/

34. http://techiezlounge.com/

35. http://www.blogelina.com/

36. http://www.wonderoftech.com/

37. http://www.awesomebloggers.com/

38. http://www.geeks4share.com/

39. http://www.tsksoft.com/

40. http://www.abnormalmarketing.com/

41. http://thecopypasteblog.com/

42. http://experimentsinpassiveincome.com/

43. http://www.nicoleonthenet.com/

44. http://marleeward.com/

45. http://profitonknowledge.com/

46. http://seventoten.com/

47. http://www.attractionmarketingonline.com/

48. http://www.getpaidtowriteonline.com/

49. http://www.opportunitiesplanet.com/

50. http://www.suzannefranco.com/

51. http://www.fansbridge.com/

52. http://learnit2earnitwithlynn.com/

53. Hopefully it will be continued….

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Is your blog Commentluv enabled, PR3 and have niche in Blogging, Tech, SEO & Internet marketing and is not in this list?  Then simply leave a comment (but don’t put the link in the comment section) and your blog will be added to the list.

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*Note: This is a humble request to all the blog owners whose blogs are mentioned in this list, to kindly comment/message/contact when you blog PageRank is changed and also if you have removed Commentluv from your blog, as it will be very helpful to keep this list updated.


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