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Prior to the iPhone 5 launch, people have the rumours and speculations as their best source of information for the latest iOS smartphone from Apple. As soon as Apple themselves unveiled the iPhone 5, there have been reports on the new features of the iPhone 5 announced. News about these confirmed features also went out in several websites which people accessed for their own dose of iPhone 5 information.

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However, a couple of days after the iPhone 5 launch, the next source of information that people will be looking forward to are reviews. For being a sensational smartphone, even the most reputable website will certainly convey their most rational and unbiased assessment of the iPhone 5. Aside from the leading mobile phone critics, other websites related to gadgets, technology and even general topics will be expressing their own evaluations of the iPhone 5, whether to express their opinion or admiration for this new phone, or to drive a bigger traffic of readers to their website.

Each institution has their own comments on the iPhone and most of these are favorable. As for CNET, they expressed their appreciation for the iPhone as immediate as the in title of their review, stating the iPhone 5 is “the iPhone we’ve always wanted”. They stated further that the “new design is flat-out lovely” and that it’s a huge improvement from its predecessor, the iPhone 5. They even stated that the iPhone 5 is among the top three smartphones to date.

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Another dependable review that a lot of people are pursuing right now is the one written by Walt Mossberg at All Things D where he emphasized on the iPhone 5’s new screen size in his review title “The iPhone Takes to the Big Screen”. He immediately stated iPhone 5’s improvements in the first part of his review stating that iPhone is now “significantly faster, thinner, and lighter while gaining a larger 4-inch screen – all without giving up battery life, comfort in the hand and high-quality construction”. These first few words briefly but almost completely described iPhone 5.

David Pogue of The New York Times, on the other hand, remarked that the iPhone 5 scored well but “with a quibble”. He credited iPhone 5 in 3 aspects which is the design for Apple’s being obsessed with details, superior components by incorporating the latest technologies ahead of their competitors particularly the Gorilla glass or Retina display and compatibility where facilities and accessories for iPhone can be seen in stores and establishments all over the world.

All other reviews pointed out to the same breakthroughs of the iPhone 5 such as the faster A6 chip, 4G LTE where iPhone 5 users can take advantage of with certain carriers, faster WiFi that will allow the iOS smartphone to take advantage of a high speed internet connection, panorama mode, the iOS6 packed with more than 200 more features and much more.

Final Words

Consulting reviews, especially from reputable critics and websites can help people assess a mobile device considering that these people or institutions are adept at what they are discussing about. And considering that iPhone 5 is getting good reviews everywhere, it should be a good indication that Apple’s latest iOS smartphone should be worth anyone’s hard earned money.

image credit: Yutaka Tsutano

Written by Kristine M – Edited by Nizam Khan

This is a guest post by Kristine M. She always writes about, the looking for a car insurance, agent listings, latest news in gadgets, operating systems, broadband providers, high speed internet.

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