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Having a great vocabulary is not only important for passing SATs and other exams but also it can save you from a bunch of unwanted embarrassing situations. It can also help improve your writing skill which holds a lot of importance in blogging and freelance writing.

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It doesn’t matter of what profession you’re in or intend to choose, having a good grip over your English has now become a necessity in order to succeed. Setting aside the traditional manners of improving English, today I am going to introduce a great Android app that creates interesting moments of learning English in the form of a game.

PowerVocab lets you play interesting vocabulary games in order to improve it in a much interesting manner. The application is available free on the Google Play market. PowerVocab works in trial and error manner. Challenge yourself and others with PowerVocab: Vocab Word Game! Challenging yourself involves choosing a word’s appropriate meaning. If you make a mistake, the app will cross out your error and show you the appropriate word very briefly . Every time you go through Word Challenges, you not only test your understanding of a word but unlock more words. Hit Review if you want to check the words that you got wrong. You’ll be brought to the word’s page where you can check its pronunciation, its definition, and a number of sentences showing you its correct usage.

Hit the Learn Words option and the app will give you a random word. You can choose to either check the word’s definition or to move on to the next one until you find a word you’re not familiar with. If you want to challenge someone, tap the Challenge Others option to play a 90-second game against someone on the Internet. You get 10 points for every correct answer and lose 10 points for every wrong one. The first round has you matching the appropriate meaning to a word, but the second round really puts your knowledge of the words to the test by requiring you to fill in the appropriate word in the sentence.

You can download this application from the Play market. It’s a must have app if you’re preparing for some important exam or pursuing writing career.

Do you find this PowerVocab Android App useful to improve your vocabulary? Share your opinions in the comment section, we would love to hear from you.

Written by Usama Nasir. Edited by Nizam Khan.


This is a guest post by Usama. You can follow his blog www.androidome.com for more on Android.

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