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SEO or search engine optimization can be an excellent boost for your company and website sales. Getting it right means you can be on the first page of search engines when people look for your product or service, ensuring a steady flow of traffic visiting your site.

With so many different elements of SEO to consider, it is hard to decide which would be the most effective for your business. Blog commenting is an extremely effective way of driving the right type of traffic to your website in the form of people who have relevant interests.

• What is blog commenting?

Blog commenting is quite a simple process when you know how, although can take a lot of time to get it right.

It involves finding blogs that are related to your product or service, or written by people who may have an interest in what you have to sell. When you have found a relevant blog you then simply comment on one of their posts.

Many blog websites have an area for you to put your own website in, so this means you can show off your company to a whole new audience that reads the blog regularly or who share a common interest.

It is important to make sure you actually read the blog first, this way you can ensure that your comment is relevant and adds value to the discussion or topic.

blog commenting

• The Do’s and Dont’s of blog commenting

There are some bad techniques and methods when it comes to blog commenting, that will actually do your business more harm than help. If your comment gets marked as spam then your hard work is for nothing, it will get deleted and no one will see what you wrote. Here are some of the do’s and don’ts of blog commenting that will help your comment get seen by many.

- DO read the blog first. This cannot be stressed enough as if your comment is completely unrelated or doesn’t add any value then chances are it will be deleted.

- DON’T leave a generic or copied and pasted comment. If you have taken the time to read the blog post then putting something like ‘great read, interesting topic’ is not going to prompt people to look at your comment.

- DO only post to relevant blogs. If you work in the sausage industry then don’t start commenting on vegan blogs. Not only is it disrespectful but your comment is more than likely to be deleted.

- DON’T avoid no-follow blogs or post on a blog just because it is do-follow. Many affiliate marketers use do-follow blogs as a way of filling the comments section with spammy links.

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• The benefits of blog commenting for your SEO strategy

There are many benefits of blog commenting for your SEO strategy and business as a whole. The main one being that you are promoting your company to an interested audience, meaning an increase in traffic and even sales.

Another benefit is that you are getting your message out there in a different and interesting way. If you actually post relevant comments to the blogs then you could spark a debate or meaningful discussion on a topic, which will make more people interested in your business as a whole.

It’s a fact that a few good quality posts on highly ranked blogs can provide you with more traffic than thousands of directory listings.

Generic or copy and paste blog comments will not last very long on someone’s blog. They will also not drive very much traffic to your website, so make sure you are being relevant and interesting.

blog commenting

• Conclusion

Blog commenting can be an excellent way of boosting search engine optimization, especially if done correctly.

Either by using a company, or by doing it yourself, you can direct a lot of relevant traffic and customers to your website with very little effort.

Always remember to make your comments interesting and related to the blog post itself, or you are likely to end up in the spam bin along with many other businesses and affiliate marketers.

Image Credits respectively: ario_ & TheJonnyisGeek

What blog commenting strategies do you follow? Do share your opinion in the comment section, we’ll be glad to hear from you.

Written by Alan Horton – Edited by Nizam Khan

This is a guest post by Alan Horton for SEO specialists, Distinctly Digital, Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire. Distinctly can advise on blog commenting as part of an over-arching SEO strategy.

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