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With the starting of New Year, it is expected that we take occasion to end and imitate on the last year and scenario the year ahead. 2014 will be an additional year of quick advancement for internet marketers. In the Last Year, the ads scenery has developed and will carry on pick up the pace with changed in end user manners.

Facebook advertising approach will concentrate on intensification the impression of mobile, significantly rectifying the consistency of advertise for web surfers through targeting, knowing how to completely cuddle purchaser engagement and re-imagining the skill of brand building.

As social networks grow to be more liable to public shareholders, they will initiate enforcing traditional business types necessitate that marketers PAY TO PLAY. The natural marketing advantages of social media will carry on to downfall. Facebook will gradually launch an extraordinary feature only to paying users and decrease the advantages of natural activity. This swing will need marketers to go away from engagement marketing tactics and extremely aware of the paid side activities. Those that disregard paid social media will drop behind their opponents.

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• Mobile will change Facebook Ads

Facebook unavoidable launch of Graph Search for mobile will be an encouraging decisive moment for Facebook advertising. Marketers will be capable to put advertise on Facebook depending on users mobile search requisites. They will also have the facility to place a different kind of sponsored search answer it’s totally depending on the users search requisites, with social perspective. Facebook formerly offered a paid results ad type that was extensively condemned, but that functional to a prior personification of Facebook’s search types. Currently that search on Facebook is entirely arid into the social network’s blood, particularly on mobile device where it will play a gradually more dominant role, appear for Facebook ads to obtain further more exciting and spirited in this year.

• Facebook Video Ads

This video ad unit is still in exploration at Facebook and the video plays on mute so the effect would not be pretty the equal as what is seen on YouTube. Facebook will carry on distillation this latest approach for brands to tell stories on Facebook to make certain the finest occurrence for users and marketers. Though, marketers really wait for this testing to get bigger and for video to play a superior role in Facebook advertising in 2014. If Facebook is booming with video, who knows what connotation that will have across the social lobby?

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• Flexible bid options

Facebook presents incredibly flexible and tradition bid options for your ads. You can pick the bid cost for your ad at your own price or you can also select from proposal given by Facebook when you are creates your ads. While Facebook permits you to pick as low bid price as you desire to set, it also suggests you a regular and maximum bid cost that it considers will be supreme for your ads. And furthermore, you can anytime modify the bid cost among your ads alive.

While lots of marketers concentrating on Edge Rank in last year, it will be all about associations and engagement in the new-year. Instead of focusing on hidden tactic to LIKE and SHARE posts to diversion the system, it is complicated to consider about ways to set up real trust and converse with your consumers. This approach to Facebook and social media in the new-year will not only set skilled marketers apart from the neophyte, but also assist your customers really see an optimal ROI.

• Here is a video from Happy Marketing Club on Facebook for Business 2014

Image source: worthofweb.com

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Authored by John Jeremy – Edited by Nizam Khan
*This is a guest post contributed by John Jeremy.

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