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Companies are perpetually faced with the challenge of storing data and information. They collect data at every level of their client base and vendor interaction. More importantly, this data must be arranged in a logical manner and stored safely. It must also be easily accessible to authorized personnel. Some storage solutions that may come in handy for businesses are:

Cloud computing and online storage

cloud computing

You can store your data using the internet on a remote server. This is a great storage option as the storage spaces offered on these are pretty large. However, it should not be your principal storage utility as the threat of compromise is high. Using online storage, large files can be shared between employees and clients as long as they have access via a unique password.

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External hard disks and flash drives

This is the most common way that employees store file data for their use and reference. They are a favorite because the drives are relatively inexpensive and can store lots of data. This can be potentially dangerous if the files inside are not password protected and the drive gets lost or stolen.

external hard drive

Once your business storage solution is up and running, the next step to consider is security. You must protect your information from unauthorized access by competitors or other saboteurs. A good example of data prevention software is that which can protect all the computers linked to your network to ensure the files contained therein are not compromised. Data most easily gets compromised via seemingly harmless portals like emails attachments and internet postings. It can also be compromised using external drives like flash drives and external hard drives. You can track all attempts to access this data and block those that are unauthorized.

Network storage

You can have information stored on a network drive whereby employees and other authorized users can have access to so long as they are connected to the same network. You can access these via Wi-Fi or Ethernet ports. This storage solution is great for keeping training modules or files that employees can easily refer to for their own personal refresher courses or for clarification on certain company policies.

network storage

Before you decide on what data storage and retention policy to implement, consider the size and storage needs of your organization. If the data is large and overly sensitive, bring in IT specialists to assist you in choosing as well as configuring storage for your organization. If your company is smaller, then a simple network storage solution with password protected access may do. Review the data and make sure that it is relevant.

If any of it is redundant or duplicated, be sure to delete it as it is only wasting space on the server. Educate your employees on proper use and access of the storage solutions used in your company to minimize any inadvertent leakage of the same. Always have data recovery and backup solutions as well so that if any of the data is accidentally lost or deleted, it can be recovered.

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What’s your storage solution for your business? Do share your opinion in the comment section, we’ll be glad to hear from you.

Written by Pete Newman – Edited by Nizam Khan

Pete Newman is founder and CTO at Webwatcher. He invented the software during his college days which went on to revolutionize the online and remote security scenario. He along with his research team is working on the current hot topic of data storage solutions. Apart from his professional commitments he also blogs about various technological developments.

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