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Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is the computer program that ties back-office and front-office functions with manufacturing, shipping and receiving. The software automatically updates facts, figures, estimates and status elsewhere when input from another area is loaded.

Enterprise resource planning

Shipping, for example, may not have room on the size semi-trailer for one pallet of large-dimensioned product ordered by a customer, but the customer separates that single extra into a second, supplemental delivery that contains not only the non-fitting pallet but 10 others of another product series. The shipping manager notifies distribution, sales, inventory management, manufacturing, finance and other departments of the change and upgraded delivery simply, easily and quickly when one of the ERP software systems is used. One departmental entry adjusts all. Business owners and top management often strive for efficiency and cost-cutting measures.

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There is no slight intended toward their human employees, but computer programs are not effected by family member sickness or injury, financial woes or vacation times. So long as they are not physically damaged or the coding changed, they work continuously around the clock without complaint. They keep records more accurately, identify weaknesses in current procedures and activities. They don’t duplicate entries, falsely adjusting tracked category figures. ERP systems aren’t just for one end of the supply-and-demand chain. Fully customizable to manufacturing, distribution, warehouse operations and retailer sellers. If you operate within a hard-goods supply chain, a ERP software solution may fit perfectly into your operation.

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