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It’s hard to imagine life today without frequent use and access to some sort of internet-capable device, whether it is your work computer, personal laptop, tablet or smartphone device. Internet technology has become so ever-present in today’s economy that whether you’re communicating with co-workers or friends, taking and sharing photos, job hunting, traveling, shopping, or just simply killing time, an efficient solution has been created via the internet, causing an extreme, widespread adoption of internet usage across all aspects of daily life.

But along with this vast internet uses also come some serious cyber security issues, such as the possibility of unknowingly sharing your financial information, social security numbers, and other private personal and business information. This infographic, the 2012 Cyber Security Research Report, highlights the key elements of cyber security to be aware of, along with details and statistics about the state of Cyber Security today.

Cyber Security Research Report 2012

Infographic source: myblogguest

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This infographic was made by Bit9, the leader in Endpoint Security and Advanced Threat Protection. Visit Bit9.com for more information.

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