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Exploring groundbreaking insights on today’s modern consumer habits can be draining – financially and effort-wise. This is why the findings compiled by event agency, Chillisauce.co.uk, has proven to be a valuable addition in the leisure industry given its scope of study. Revealed in the findings is how mobile device choice can play a part in determining the expanse of one’s social circle. As such, iPhone users were revealed to be the most social compared to their peers with over 15 people in their average stag group size, followed by Samsung Galaxy S3 and iPad users with 10 to 15 people. Rounding up the list are Google Nexus users with only five people in their stag group.

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Comparably, one’s phone network is also a predictor of what stag party activity an individual is most likely to go for. It turns out that Vodafone users largely prefer lap dance activities while O2 users mainly go for nightclub events. Tesco Mobile users, on the other hand, predominantly opt for comedy clubs for a much low-key bachelor party celebration. Included in this data is how email use also plays a part in predicting the proportion of strip club bookings. First on the list are AOL users with 25.70% followed by Yahoo email users with 21.8%. Summing up the top three are Hotmail users with 21.8%. Relatedly, AOL users also spend the least in their bachelor parties with an average expense of £92.52. Those who use their work emails the most have the biggest largesse with an average spending of £104.62.

When it comes to distance traveled, the most conservative travelers turned out to be Gmail users with less than 400 miles. Coming in as first on the list are work email users with more than 1,400 miles logged in average per head. Hotmail users, in turn, follow work email users with a logged average of 1,000 miles. In terms of stag party preference in relation to Internet browser choice, Safari users turned out to be the most adventurous and sociable since they are the most likely to opt for wet and wild packages involving white water rafting, jet skiing and kayaking to name a few. Opposite Safari users are Internet Explorer users who prefer conventional food and drink activities like bar on wheels and traditional meals out.

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As a result of planning and arranging events for more than a decade, Chillisauce was able to glean a thing or two about the lives of people whom they have booked events and adventures for. Being a digitally based company, they were able to compile ten years’ worth of data and doing business with a wide range of people. Hence, the result is a groundbreaking data that meaningfully interlinks tech use and one’s leisure preferences. Without qualified interpretation to make sense of a huge amount of data, it will certainly be as useless, nonetheless. Mining information is no easy feat but it certainly imparts a meaningful explanation when elucidated by experts.

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