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Travels here and abroad are indispensable for most enterprises these days. In fact, traveling is one of the most essential functions that a businessman must do in order to improve sales; and further satisfy clients and business partners.

Business analysts have observed that in the most recent years, the new business generation is composed of traveling people. According to them, this is a time when travels and meetings are most important to establish stronger relationships with people, thus helping the business go forward.

Business Travel AppsHowever, the tendency to lose some essential things or events may occur when you travel. In response to this problem, several providers created web-based applications to help you out from losing the most important business partner or halting the entry of new clients.

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These apps come in different forms, features, consequences and costs. But their purpose is all geared towards one thing, and that is to make things easier for a travelling businessman. Check them out below.

From desktop sharing and collaboration; Skype integration; teleconferencing; presentation tools; and shared file space, Yugma claims that it will give what you need. An interesting feature is you get to share your computer screen with your staff in real-time regardless of the application or OS you are using. Ergo, you can still push through with a staff meeting even if you are abroad. This app also lets you record and save the virtual staff meeting for later use or sharing. It runs on Java and supports Windows, Mac or Linux users.

  • SkyRocket

You never know when you will be required to come up with a presentation. Thus, keep SkyRocket on your laptop for a dynamic presentation that can be done anywhere, anytime. You can import presentations, access it anywhere, create presentations online, collaborate with your staff, and share and secure presentations quickly. SkyRocket lets you pull data from Google Spreadsheets, Twitter live feeds, Yahoo! Finance and let your slides be updated on their own. Share the presentation through a URL and embed it in a web page or send an invite, so there is no need for that usually lengthy email attachment.

While on travel, appointments will surely come in, and these you have to entertain. Avoid complicated meeting arrangements with this online appointment scheduling application. It runs from any communication gadget and comes free. This allows you to put time constraints on how long people can book or make changes with your schedule; and requests your approval before confirming an appointment. It can display web pages and e-mails in 25 languages and supports 24 currencies.

Created primarily for people on the move, ReQall works as a personal secretary that deals with the weather today, Facebook updates, upcoming appointments, email notifications, Twitter trends, traffic and more.

To keep you updated on current events even while on travel, install this app on your gadget for news feeds coming from different industry newsletters; blogs; and career tips.  Sources include WSJ, American Express Open, Business Marketing Association, and other top newspapers and blogs.

It allows you to automate your online customer assistance scheme by creating a knowledge base repository or forum. Almost similar to the scheme offered by digital office providers such as RingCentral virtual office, this app lets customers submit and update requests online. In return, you get to provide better customer service.

Some of these apps need to be installed, some don’t. In any case, these are worth considering for that worry-free business travel.

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Written by Monique Jones – Edited by Nizam Khan

Which is your favorite business travel app? Do share your opinion in the comment section, we’ll be glad to hear from you.

*This is a guest post by Monique Jones.

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