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Augmented Reality, AR in short, is the latest technology sensation that has raised the eyebrows of many. I hope by now most of you’d have developed a fair bit of knowledge on what this fascinating technology is all about. If you don’t, here goes the description: Augmented Reality is nothing but a technology which combines the reality with virtual computer graphics.

The description may sound odd to many; however on experiencing it’ll be breathtaking and splendid! Decades ago, computer graphics were only considered as virtual parameters and nothing to do with reality. But, augmented reality technology has proved that computer graphics can play a huge role in providing individuals with outstanding simulated visual experiences, which are not too far from reality.

• How it works?

Aurasma Thundercats Bandai

Well, I wish to explain the functionality of this technology with an illustration which would aid anyone reading this article realize the concept of augmented reality in a better way. Let’s assume. You are visiting a game store to buy a toy for your dear one. However, you mayn’t be able to view the exact toy in the pack unless you force it open. How exactly do you know how the toy functions? What exactly the game comprises and what are the fascinating components that could please your dear one? It is highly possible. At the most, you can read the instructions provided on the outer cover. But, with the AR technology solution implemented on the shop, you could have a virtual look at how the toy works and what exciting elements it carries along with. Won’t that be interesting!

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Even the store owners can heave a sigh of relief as augmented reality solutions applied on their stores can help customers to pick the best product they wish to buy. So, augmented reality is undoubtedly a boon for retail businesses. Not only for businesses but also individuals will be benefited by implementing this technology on their smart phones. Let’s discuss how it helps individuals in the section below.

• Change the way you see the world: 

 With the help of AR technology, one could view the world completely in a different manner. Next time, when you plan to read an ad, using this facility, you can have the complete information about the ad with voice synchronization. Let’s have a look at another illustration. For instance, if you are into a fashion store selling cloth materials, you can try different kinds of dresses using this efficient solution which is never ever possible when you try them physically. Also, you can try different kinds of dress materials, shoes, ties, suits, etc. quickly and can select the best one that well suits your requirement. So, with the help of this technology, you’d be able to save at least 80% of your precious time with ease. Looks cool, right!

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• Explore your neighborhood using AR apps:


Most often, you will confront a lot of challenges while visiting a destination. The foremost issue troubling you would be finding a restaurant nearby or a boarding place. On these circumstances, in general, what you will do is either use your smart phones to locate the places or ask someone who resides in that very place. On the contrary, using the AR apps on your smart phones, you can easily narrow down your search and can easily reach the preferred destination (in fact you’ll have a virtual view of the place) with ease. You don’t require anyone’s help on visiting a new destination and you can just rely on this exciting app to locate the favorite places with perfection and precision.

• Conclusion:

A lot of  Mobile application development companies are into developing and offering AR services as they envision this as mobile media solutions, technology has got a great future and it could create a magic spell on most customers. In fact, whatever benefits I have listed out about this wonderful technology is just a few and it has got more than what one actually thinks of.

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Authored by Sienna Amelia – Edited by Nizam Khan
This is a guest post contributed by Sienna Amelia. She is a avid Writer and Passionate blogger.

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