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Learning some great article marketing tips really should be a portion of any marketing strategy and it can be a good thought to strategize what you are going to write ahead before you start. You have probably done some thorough keyword analysis which results in you having a list of about five or more keyword phrases which includes long tail key phrases that you can use as a basis for your articles, now its time to learn how to market them.

article marketing

1: Always Write Good Content

The Google Panda update did have a negative effect on most article marketing directories and the ones that suffered the most were article directories that accepted poor quality articles. That’s why you should aim for the greater quality article directories. Numerous people say that article marketing is actually a waste of time now but that isn’t always the case when you write excellent articles of your chosen topic which would interest and provide value to the readers.

They should be constructed in a way that it leads the readers down towards the bottom of the page all the way to where your resource box is. Article marketing serves one more purpose other than building credibility for your brand, it’s going to bring you back links to your web site which are essential for rocket your website up through the Google ranks. The higher the quality of your article, the more folks that will read it and click through to your website. The sites that you posted the articles may also be ranked by Google thus bringing you much more targeted traffic and back links.

2: Submit Your Articles To Article Directories

The first directory that comes to mind is Ezinearticles. They may take up to 5 days to approve your article due to huge article submissions to the site but occasionally much less on a good week. They are still one of the top article directories in spite of their long approval process. Avoid writing articles that are similar advertisement for your products or services, which will results in them rejecting your articles. Your article should be constructed so that it describes the advantages of your products or services without having the need to mention it. A good thought is to write your article in a way that it addresses and answers a problem.

3: Utilizing The Bio Box

This is where you place the links to your site and encourage your readers to click on the links. Entice the readers to click on your link by adding a call to action such as “read more about XYZ by clicking here”. The secret would be to make your bio box flow from the body of your article. Do not talk excessively about your self (even though it is a Bio Box!) and make certain you lead the readers towards the proper page on your website. Generally a landing page or squeeze page.

4: Almost A Secret

Link your articles back to your articles on EzineArticles which will give you the added benefit of multiple back links. Due to the fact all the articles you submit are on exactly the same topic, these will be relevant back links which will help rank your page higher on the front page of Google, providing much more exposure for your article, your products and services.

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About the Author: Ardiv Jauhari is a Musician/Entrepreneur who is an expert on Internet Marketing. If you find this article useful, you might also be interested to continue reading the part 2 of the article marketing tips available at his personal blog.

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