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If you run an e-commerce site, your primary goal is figuring out which pages are high-converting and which need improvement. Many marketing professionals have turned to a/b testing as of late in figuring this out, and in turn reaping rewards for their business. For those of us skilled in running a/b tests, there are a few trends to keep in mind when conducting these tests.

While it’s great to get into the habit of testing all elements on a regular basis, in our experience the following three: headlines, call to actions, and social proof in the form of testimonials, logos, or case studies, make the most impact. This article will uncover why these elements are important, and set you on the track for a/b testing success.


► Headlines

The goal with headlines is to capture the user’s attention in the short amount of time you have. To that end, targeted headlines are essential in grabbing attention and leading the user further down the conversion funnel.

• Make sure their there: If you currently don’t have any, make sure you create some headlines that are both keyword rich and will resonate with your audience.

• Be specific as possible: A sure way to elicit a positive response from your audience is to include a headline that resonates with their interests upon visiting your site. Don’t go overboard though – a 5-word headline is much easier to scan than a 15-word.

• Place Above the Fold: Visitors to your site should easily find headlines, so be sure to use size and contrast to distinguish it on the page.

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► Call to Actions

If the headline resonates with the user, the next step is to have them act on it and sign-up or purchase your product or service. With that in mind, pay careful attention to the size, color, and scale of your call to actions through regular a/b testing.

• Inspire the Desired Action: Word your call to action in a way that elicits an action from the user. A/B test various phrases that hint at the benefits of the product or service. Simple, descriptive phrases such as “Try for Free” will go much further than “Click Here.”

• Place in a Prominent Position: Place your call to action in a position that supports the natural flow of the eye. Remember contrast is essential, as well as having the text that garners the desired response, so be sure to a/b test to find the perfect solution.

► Reviews

Reviews are essential in an age where many products and services are competing for our approval. You’ll have to advantage of showing how your product works but also garnering that much-needed trust with visitors.

•  Testimonials: A sure way to elicit instant trust in your service, testimonials should be included for any service-oriented business. Consider a/b testing your testimonials in a variety of formats including speech bubbles, quote marks, images or icons, and videos, if possible.

• Logos: Instead of merely listing the names of companies you’ve worked with, showcase an array of logos instead. It has more visual impact, and be sure to a/b test whether to show them separately or beside their respective testimonial.

• Case Studies: Case studies provide an in-depth overview of your business relationship with a client and the outcome of the project. Remember to test the length of each in determining how to present it on the page.

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► Determine How Often to Test

Your a/b testing efforts shouldn’t stop after the first test. Be sure to designate a time once a month to conduct the tests, and stick to it. Once you know you have the three essential elements to test down, feel free to move onto other areas of the site and incorporate them into your testing regimen as well.

► Conclusion

The design of your website plays an important part in driving sales. A/b testing can play a significant role in conversions of your e-commerce website through regular testing. Whether your testing headlines, call to actions, or reviews, the room for improvement is vast. To receive the most impact, be sure to test these 3 elements regularly for optimum results.

 Image source: tamagna.com

Have your tried A/B testing on your E-Commerce site? Do share your views in the comment section, we’ll be glad to hear from you.
Authored by Ruben Corbo – Edited by Nizam Khan
This is a guest post from Ruben Corbo.  A freelance writer that writes about several topics within the internet marketing, technology, and finance category. The topic of A/B Testing and other traffic-to-online sales conversion tools can be further research or discovered on Maxymiser.com as well as other methods to increase your online sales on your e-commerce business.

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