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Video marketing can be an effective online marketing strategy to improve your click-through rates and search engine rankings. Recent studies have revealed that video marketing is 50 times more effective than the write-up form of marketing to help improve a website’s page ranking.

With oodles of video hosting services available, choosing the right one for your online marketing campaign can be a daunting task. This post intends to teach you some essential things to help you choose the best video hosting service for your online business.


• An Introduction To Video Hosting

Before that, let us first take a look at what video hosting is. Video hosting is the process of uploading videos on third party sites. Once it is uploaded on the video hosting sites, online viewers will be able to watch them directly on those sites. Another form of video hosting is uploading the video using embedded codes directly on your websites.

• Benefits of Video Hosting

Hosting videos on to third-party sites helps overcome the challenges that you might come across while uploading them on your site. The uploading process is so simple, the storage capacity is more, and the bandwidth is taken care. You don’t require a degree to host videos on third-party sites, it’s so simple and hassle-free. Just sign in, upload your videos and add short notes (like title, short description on what the video talks about etc.), and copy the link or the embedded code of the video.

 • Choosing the right video hosting services

Choosing the video hosting services depends on a number of factors. If you want to host a video of some pranks with your friends, then a free hosting service like YouTube should be more than adequate. But if you want to publish videos for your online business and are very particular about branding, analytics, click-through rates etc. then it’s best recommended to look for a premium video hosting service. Here are a few video hosting services (paid/free) you may want to check out:

• YouTube (free)

Pros: A leading name in the virtual online world, YouTube needs no introduction! It is free for all and consists of a range of user-friendly features. It’s simple to use, easy to share and embed. The site also supports High Definition videos.

Cons: Embedded videos will have the YouTube logo. There might be a significant waiting time before your videos goes live on the site.

• Vimeo (free/paid)

Pros: The free version of Vimeo allows you to upload a maximum of 500MB per week, and one video in High Definition. The premium version offers more customization benefits, additional storage capacity and view statistics of your posted videos. Both are great with a tidy user interface and a range of user-friendly features.

Cons: Vimeo videos embedded to your sites will consist of the Vimeo logo. And upload times can vary, but you may upgrade to the premium version for just under $10 per month.

Wistia (premium)

Pros: If you embed unbranded videos to your sites, then Wistia can be a great option. It showcases a clean user interface, unbranded video players, and offers video analytics to help you monitor the number of visitors for your videos. There is a feature called SEO Sitemap that intends to ensure that your video content is listed in major search engines such as Google and Bing.

Cons: If you are on the lookout for some stylish features, then Wistia may not be the ideal tool for you. It is more like keep-it-simple video hosting service with very simple features. And the price tag may not go well with most online business owners. Priced at a starting rate of $79 per month, this isn’t the cheapest tool in the market. But it works if you are looking for a professional business video hosting option.

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Which video hosting service do you prefer? Do share your opinion in the comment section, we’ll be glad to hear from you.

Written by Dazzle Rogers – Edited by Nizam Khan

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