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Blogs are one of the key elements for business growth nowadays. Most updated and well written blogs help a business catch the eyes of the maximum customers than those who do not have blogs or do not refresh their contents often. To improve business performance one needs to go through likewise we need to learn how to make it most popular and appear in the first page in any search engine site. Few tips to increase blog popularity are given below.

Online Blog

Relevant Info

The more relevant and related information about the business is provided in the content, it is more likely to be found by keywords that the customers use to search a particular blog. Keeping the content fresh and including latest trends, attractive titles about the topic makes it popular. Readers only look for blogs if they do not know about something or searching something in particular to know more about it. For selling the products online, we can use the blog including its images and details.

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Building Community

There should be options for people to comment and share on the page. This will help the blog to be more interactive and lively. Sharing ideas increases popularity and also blog writer can improve his efficiency listening to the customer’s demands, keeping in touch with them.

Promoting Blog

Main goal of a blogger is to bring more people to know about the blog. Connecting the blog with facebook, twitter, Google plus and other social forums for promotion. And advertising on these forums is a must. The blogger should join more communities and forums online, interact with more people. In the email signature the link can be included. Implementing some steps from the most popular sites is always wise as they are already successful in this field. We have to follow the leaders to know the right blogging platform.

Easy to Oversee and Load

Have to make it  easy to oversee and make sure it can be loaded quickly on a client machine. These two things are very important as people over internet need quick access else they would search for other one if one takes too long to be visible.

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Time Management

Setting up a particular time to update the blog or add new one is a good habit. This attracts the regular visitors and keeps them connected for future. It is nice to add commentary regularly and also keeping them ‘to be continued’ makes a reader come back for more. Blogger has to be committed, spend more time on the blog to improve on it. Learning from mistakes, patience, and self motivation to bring more ideas are key elements required in a blogger to succeed.

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Do you have any tips to share to make blog popular? Do share your views in the comment section, we’ll be glad to hear from you.
Authored by Claudia – Edited by Nizam Khan
This guest post is contributed by Claudia. She has been successful to make a very popular blog on SAP BO Online Training Tips giving all the information of the course. She is associated with many other useful blogs currently, follow me @ITdominus1.

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