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If you are an aspiring musician, releasing your music CD can be a simple and relatively inexpensive affair. Well, this may be coming as a surprise to many people but it is true that these days, you can release your music without going through a complicated process involving many producers, directors and agents.

There are companies around the country that offer CD duplication and replication services. Duplication is generally a better option if you want a few copies, while replication is best for larger quantities. There are several tips that can help you to get your music out there.

CD duplication

1. Record and arrange the music

It is important to make sure that you record and arrange the music in the best way. It is a good idea to start with your best work as most people listen to the first song before they decide if they like the music. It is a good idea to get an honest opinion about your music before you get it out there. Quality recording will help to sell your music faster.

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2. Designing the packaging

The package design or artwork can go a long way in helping to sell your music. Preparing the CD packaging is a process that will require a lot of thought. There are several programs that can help you in the design process. The graphic design programs allow you to create the best tray card, insert and disc face. Make sure that you choose the best colors, fonts and images for your design.

3. Get a barcode service

In order to sell your CDs through retail distributors, you need a barcode. This unique code helps to identify your product. The duplicating service offers the barcode service for an additional cost. When designing the packaging, remember to allocate a space on the tray card where the barcode will be inserted. Get a PDF proof that will show you what the image or final design will look like. This can allow you to make any changes if necessary.

4. Actual CD Duplication

Coming up with the duplication is a simple process of ensuring that your master disk is exactly the way you want it. Duplication does not make any changes but produces exact copies of the original. The duplicating service will not inspect the master disk for recording quality, missing tracks and other issues. It is important for you to ensure that the master disk is of top quality and does not contain any errors, before you send it out to the duplicator.

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5. CD materials

When submitting your music for CD Duplication, remember to include all the materials required to get the job done successfully. The duplicators will need copies of image files, the layout files, copies of the master disk, a list of the song titles as well as their run time. You will also be required to present a copy of an Intellectual Property Rights form that indicates your ownership of the songs on the CD and rights to distribute.

Creating your CD does not have to be complicated if you find a good duplicating service. Make sure that you read all the guidelines and understand the process so that you can get the best service, and then go out there and sell your music!

Image source: granburymultimedia.com

Do you have any tips on CD duplication/replication? o share your views in the comment section, we’ll be glad to hear from you.
Authored by – Edited by Nizam Khan
This guest post is contributed by Ryan Mclaren. He is a tech expert and carries out cd duplication in Sydney. He is part of a local band and loves to create and share quality music. He has few tricks up his sleeve about music sharing, which he has shared in today’s post.

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