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Nowadays, there’s no shortage of smartphone apps for almost any imaginable purpose. Let’s take a look at five apps that make traveling less stressful and more enjoyable. Some of these are new while others aren’t, but all are definitely worth checking out:

travel apps

• Wi-Fi Finder (Android and iOS, free)

Here’s one app that most people need whether or not they’re traveling. It’s a basic rule of Internet security that you shouldn’t log on to just any public Wi-Fi service to avoid getting hacked. Wi-Fi Finder shows you all the free and paid public Wi-Fi hotspots around you, so you can hop on to the one nearest you and find out if the connection’s safe. You can filter the location type you prefer, such as cafés, malls or restaurants, and even download the offline database for when you’re abroad. With over 650,000 locations in 144 countries, Wi-Fi Finder makes sure you won’t suffer from Internet withdrawal.

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• TripLingo (Android and iOS, free w/ in-app purchases)

Many apps promise to have you talking like a local, but none does so with TripLingo’s funky style. While this language app is noteworthy for its gorgeous interface alone, it doesn’t lack for functionality. Like other apps, it features an offline dictionary, a list of phrases and voice translation. It also offers a crash course on the local culture, including general etiquette and safety information.

Worth mentioning is the “Slang Slider”, which gives you four different ways of saying one phrase, ranging from formal to crazy. The free version has basic phrases in eleven languages, but you can upgrade the app for access to over 1,200 phrases and more features. No wonder it’s featured on RingCentral Connect’s list of apps for business travel.

• Foresee (iOS, $1.99)

Foresee is an app that straddles the categories of Productivity and Weather. It allows you to plan your outdoor activities given the weather conditions in your specific area, so you won’t get dressed in your exercise gear only to encounter rain mid-run.

To get the best experience out of it, program your regular outdoor activities and indicate weather preferences for each, such as temperature, wind and humidity. Although this is more of a daily activity planner, you can switch locations to get activity forecasts while traveling. Can’t forget to take the weather into consideration when planning your itinerary!

Minube (Android and iOS, free)

Joining the ranks of TripAdvisor is Minube, a Madrid-based social travel start-up. Minube gives users access to photos, videos and reviews from other travelers, and lets you save items in your own trip itinerary, available offline. Interestingly enough, most of the experiences are written in European languages, but you can use the “Drunken Translator” to get decent English translations.

The real gem of this app is its Inspiration feature, which allows you to explore activities and destinations based on their distance from home and the trip duration. It can even generate recommendations for you based on a specific color or type of trip—the more unique options include “something exotic”, “fall in love again” and “disappear”. It’s great for people traveling in groups because you can share plans and chat with them within the app. Note that real-time messaging is only available on iOS for now.

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Field Trip (Android and iOS, free)

Have you ever thought that maybe there’s more to explore in your local area, only you didn’t know how to go about doing it? Google’s beautifully designed app Field Trip makes both local and international travel easy and educational.

It features seven categories, including Architecture, Historic Places & Events, Lifestyle, and Cool & Unique Places, and as you travel, it’ll automatically prompt you when you’re nearing a place of interest. You can select the categories you like and choose how often you want to receive notifications. You can even program it to “talk” to you as you drive, making it the perfect companion for road trips.

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