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Fluctuating rate of economy has been increasing day by day; it becomes difficult to save money. Sometime many folks ignored to purchase their favorite products due to the higher cost. Thanks to advance technology, it brings many retailers online. Now you can browse many retailers or store online to buy almost all products from the web.

Now many folks are crazy about gadget and that’s the reason they use IPod and smart phone to shop products from online store. Having smart phone doesn’t mean that you are smart. Now, shopper becomes smarter and always searching for discount deals, voucher codes and discount offers to save their money while shopping online. Here you find five money saving apps for phone and Android to save your money while shopping for your favorite items from online store.

• Find Cheap Gas Prices with Gasbuddy.com Apps:

Gasbuddy.com Apps,money saving apps

With fluctuating economy, the prices of gas also have been rising. In that case GasBuddy is an excellent resource that helps in saving money. GasBuddy helps you find the cheapest gas prices in your area. Gas is one of those things that drive prices on almost everything else we buy, so GasBuddy is a big help in saving money. This app interfaces with the website and helps you find the cheapest price for gas in your area. It can browse according to your present GPS location or for listed prices in an area. Like that you could check for an affordable fuel rate in the area you plan to halt in an hour down the road. You can view images of place that makes it much easier to get allowing you to open a map in the browser or the in-built app (on Android) for directions. Additionally it displays the different stations on a built-in map or in a list with tabs for the varieties of gas.

• Search Best Deals with Shopkick Android and iOS Apps:

Shopkick Apps,money saving apps

 Shopkick is a deal finder app which can find high-quality buys according to the merchants that you buy. In our experience the offers were specific, however seriously worth a look for those who go shopping. You can find a product available for sale that you have been seeking for. If finds outlets with the handset GPS along with your destination. You pick your preferred outlets from those listed and it displays great buys depending upon what merchants you choose. In addition there are perks which they call “kicks” which you could get for shopping. As an example, you could get kicks as well as grab gift certificates at places like Best Buy.

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• Pic2shop – Price Comparison Application:

Pic2shop Apps,money saving apps

Pic2shop is a barcode scanner and also price comparisons applications, even without autofocus! It is simple to manage jut point the camera at the product’s barcode part and within instance you may evaluate the prices of various items of online and local retailers additionally you can even assess user reviews and items classification , are simply one tap away !

• Ultimate Groupon – Browse Latest Deals:

Ultimate Groupon,money saving apps

Ultimate Groupon is an excellent as well as easiest way to keep up with your Groupon deals. If you are searching for the deal where you save 50% and more at restaurants, retailers, outside activities and more, Ultimate is the best apps. Deals are offered in 170 cities across the United States as well as Canada. With this app, you could find the cheapest deals in town with a single click. Deals are ordered in the most convenient way to look, compare, and shop.

• Amazon Mobile – App Store for Android:

Amazon Mobile App Store,money saving apps

Browse & shop numerous items starting from your Android gadget. The Amazon Phones App let Android consumers to visit and Purchase by Division , instantly search , review selling prices , examine reviews , share items with buddies , access Gold Box Deals , and make purchases on Amazon .com with an easy , but classy , interface . To make on-the-go purchasing and price comparison a lot easier, the Amazon Mobile App contains handy shopping features that allow users to scan a barcode, snap a shot, or type a search, to promptly evaluate rates and find out availability.

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Written by Thomas Briner – Edited by Nizam Khan

What are your views on this money saving apps? Do share your opinion in the comment section, we’ll be glad to hear  from you.

This is a guest post by Thomas Briner.

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