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Blogging is one of the many tactics webmasters use to get ranked for organic and natural search results. In fact, many website owners can take it upon themselves to blog, although, there are many mistakes you will need to be aware of that can cost you time, lack of interest from your visitors, and even very poor rankings in the search results.

One of the most important tips to keep in mind is that all content published on your website should be original and unique. Not doing so can result in little to no indexes by the search engines. Neglecting this part of your online business is crucial to your rankings. Blogging and content publishing is vital although be aware of many mistakes that can easily go overlooked.

1. Not interesting – Make sure your content is relevant to the topic of your website. Boring blog posts can turn some visitors away for good. Think of what your visitor wants rather than the search engine. Consider writing on a topic that would allow visitors to engage back in comments.

2. Inconsistency – This is not only bad for your visitors but also for the search engines. Not posting regularly can be a turn off to your visitors; it can often make a website look abandoned and irrelevant to readers. Don’t randomly neglect your blog, stay on a schedule and plan your posts in advance so you won’t fall behind. Posting regularly will show the search engines that you mean business and they’ll take you serious as opposed to random posts.

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3. Structure of the Blog Post – Laying out a blog post to be an easy read for the visitor is very important. No one likes to read small text, bulky paragraphs and non-structured posts. If necessary include bullet points and break points in lists. Try to make your post as neat and organized as possible and you will see the results sooner or later. Be patient, as it does take time.

4. Engage, Engage, and Engage – Many readers like to share their thoughts on blog posts. Enabling comments is a vital aspect for readers and search engines, however be sure to engage with comments and monitor them daily to keep them spam-free.

5. Neglecting Your Page Title and Description Fields – If you’re website is built on a content management system such as WordPress, there are a handful of great plugins out there that can be beneficial to giving you a boost to those rankings. Many people forget to fill these fields out, however they are crucial, so you won’t want to skip them.

With all these tips in mind, remember that search engine spiders sometimes take anywhere from one month to as many as three months to start crawling on your site. Be sure to incorporate other SEO strategies and tactics to climb your way up the search results.

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What are your SEO strategies to rank higher in search results? Do share your opinion in the comment section, we’ll be glad to hear from you.

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