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Social media is a great tool for marketing yourself and even your company too. It’s free to use, and can get you the positive attention you are looking for. Although in some cases you can get yourself the wrong attention. Social media mishaps are becoming a lot more common with the addition of mobile devices to tweet or update statuses on the go. This is where there are potential setbacks that can occur and can really damage your reputation or your company’s reputation.

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Here’s a list of the worst social media mishaps:

• Anthony Weiner

Anthony Weiner’s blunder is one of the most infamous mistakes to hit the internet. After sending nude photos of himself to other women, one of his photos went right to Twitter. This mistake caused an uproar seeing as he was a politician. Other women came forward about receiving photos on their phones. Weiner eventually stepped down from his political position. This major mistake initially cost him his job.

• Celeb Boutique

Celeb Boutique caused a lot of controversy after making a reference to Aurora and relating it to their clothes through Twitter. The company was outsourcing their social media, and the given company was unaware of the Aurora shooting that took place. Followers lashed back with insults at the store as they tried to brush it off their shoulders. Eventually an apology was released from the store explaining they outsource their social media marketing to an international company.

• Honda

Getting feedback from customers is great content to share with social media followers. Although some companies add comments by posing as fans and they try to get away with. In this particular case, Honda was caught in the act on Facebook. Suspicious followers researched the commenter names and found that the reviews that were being posted were actually Honda employees. In this specific case it was the employee was the Manager of Product Planning, and the commenter posted his LinkedIn account information.

• Kareem Jackson

Kareem Jackson, Houston Texan cornerback, was faced with negative publicity when using his Twitter account.  He was using Twitter to document his trip to the Dominican Republic. Although there’s information he should have kept to himself. Jackson’s tweet reported he was watching cock fighting, and this caused followers to lash back. Although cock fighting is legal in the Dominican Republic, he was compared to Michael Vick getting caught hosting dog fighting. He quickly removed the tweets after receiving the negative feedback.

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What’s your reaction on social media mishaps? Do share your opinion in the comment section, we’ll be glad to hear from you.

This is a guest post by Alison Waters  – A blogger and a small business owner. Alison knows the importance of utilizing a social media plan for business. She uses social media to promote her IT company and to show off services including small business network solutions.

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