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The massive surge in E-commerce over the past decade has ensured that a website is essential for any company. No matter what your product or service is a business cannot hope to be competitive without a proper online presence. Having a website and an active social media presence can do wonders for any company; the Internet is the best marketing tool out there and a good website helps companies take advantage of it.

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How good the corporate website is depends upon the work put in by the web designer. These days, web designing is considered to be a crucial computer skill thanks to various software that make web designing very easy. Gone are the days of manual coding; almost everything you wish for your website to have can be incorporated using good web design software. The downside to the whole process is that web designers are losing sight of the important factors that constitute a good website. We often run into websites that have been overworked and wonder if the web designer is aware of the concept of ‘simplicity’. To design a good website, keep in mind these 3 simple tips:

[note color="#87CEFA"]• Simple design equates to less loading time[/note]

Surveys conducted by researchers have shown that Internet users only wait for a certain period of time for a website to load before moving on. The key to make a website load faster is to keep it simple. Fast food chains try their best to minimize the waiting time for customers. Similarly, web designers have to ensure that potential customers do not have to spend too much time waiting for the webpage to load. Moving onto another website is a whole lot easier than leaving for another fast-food restaurant. Continuously test the website after any changes have been made to determine the average load times. Keep working at it until the loading time is acceptable. Also, keep in mind that you may have a very fast Internet connection, but there are still many people around the world using good old dial-up technology to go online.

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[note color="#87CEFA"]• The Rule of Tincture[/note]

If a website looks garish, visitors have no interest in finding out what it has to say. Aesthetics plays a very important role in human life and the same applies to websites as well. The most common mistake made by web designers is to choose hideous color schemes that are more likely to burn a hole in the retinas than to appear pleasing to the eye. You do not have to be Vincent Van Gogh to pick out a suitable color scheme for a website; simply follow the Rule of Tincture. Divide colors in to groups: one group containing white and yellow (gold and silver) and the other group containing all the other colors. As long as two colors from the same group do not touch each other, there should be no issues.

[note color="#87CEFA"]• Make navigation easy[/note]

In a quest to make a website look good and stand out, web designers often mess up the navigation aspect. A website that cannot be navigated easily is about as useful as a concrete parachute. Keep navigating between the web pages simple and allow visitors to effortlessly access the required information.

In life, there are many things that are better the more simple they are. Web designing and websites definitely fall into this category. Follow the three simple steps mentioned and you will be well on your way to creating a user-friendly website.

Image credit: Sean MacEntee

What factors do you consider when creating a user-friendly website? Do share your opinion in the comment section, we’ll be glad to hear from you.

Written by James Franklin – Edited by Nizam Khan

This guest post is written by James Franklin. He has written numerous blog posts on web designing and shares his years of knowledge on Web Design Sussex. You can visit his website for further details.

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