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Open up any app store today and you’re going to realize that there are thousands upon thousands of apps to choose from.  Sure, while there are a lot of bad ones, there are a lot of great ones you probably haven’t even heard of.

If you’re in the marketing industry and are looking for ways to increase your brand and visibility, here are 10 apps you may want to consider downloading:

#1 TweetDeck

TweetDeck app TweetDeck is known as one of the best Twitter tools for both the desktop and your mobile phone.  If you’re not familiar with this piece of software, it simply helps you manage multiple Twitter profiles.  It allows you to view tweet, friends and anything else you can do on Twitter.  With so many marketing firms managing multiple social media accounts for their clients, this app is going to make social media a lot easier.

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#2 WordPress

wordpress appIf you’re running multiple blogs for a client or even your own personal company, then there’s a good chance you’re running on the WordPress platform.  The official WordPress app allows you to do everything you can do on a desktop.  You will be able to post, edit, manage comments and so much more directly from your phone on the go.

#3 TED

TED appDo you want to learn from some of the most fascinating people on the earth?  If so, this is where the TED talk videos come into play.  No matter what you want to listen to, TED talk has more than 700 lectures that you can watch directly from your phone — for free.

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#4 Reeder

Reeder appIf you’re the type that loves to read multiple marketing blogs, there may be a good chance you subscribe to their RSS feed.  Instead of reading these feeds on your desktop or laptop , Reeder makes it easy to access their content directly on your phone.  Aside from reading their content, Reeder allows you to manage items, browse by folders and save content you enjoyed reading.

#5 AnalyticsPro

google analyticsproGoogle Analytics, the world’s most powerful analytics software, is on just about every website on the web.  Again, if you’re running a client’s website or your own, AnalyticsPro is going to let you view your Google Analytics data in a mobile-friendly format.  Check out the website’s visitor data, bounce rate, conversion and more with a simple click.

#6 Pinterest

pinterest appIf your website isn’t on Pinterest yet, what are you waiting for?  To help you manage your Pinterest account on the go, this official app will let you discover new pins and upload new information in a snap.

#7 Facebook

facebook appJust like Pinterest and Twitter, there’s probably a good chance that you have a Facebook fan page.  The official Facebook app lets you do just about everything you can do on their desktop version.  So instead of going back to your desktop to respond to a customer compliant or concern, you can do it directly on your phone.

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#8 LinkedIn

linkedin appWant to connect with professionals in your area that may be able to help your business?  LinkedIn is the Internet’s largest professional social media network.  Whether you want to find a new worker or connect with human resources professional, the LinkedIn app will let you expand your business contacts, participate in business discussions on their forum and post information on your profile.

#9 Postling

postling appDo you have social media accounts all over the place?  Well, instead of logging into each app one by one, Postling is going to make your life a whole lot easier.  Postling is completely free and allows you to manage several profiles on top media websites, such as YouTube, Flickr, LinkedIn, WordPress and Facebook.  So if you want to limit the amount of apps on your phone, this is one to highly consider downloading.

#10 HootSuite

hootsuite app

Have you ever wanted to post something on Facebook but didn’t want to do it right away?  Well, you’re not alone.  Like Postling, HootSuite lets you manage your multiple social media profiles.  However, the one key difference is that you’re able to time your posts.  So if you wanted to throw up a post at two in the afternoon, you could do so.  On top of that, you can keep track of traffic and clicks through your social media campaigns.

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What’s your favorite marketing apps? Do share your views in the comment section, we’ll be glad to hear from you.
Authored by Stephanie Lynch – Edited by Nizam Khan
Stephanie Lynch is from HowMuchIsIt.org, a website that has more than 4,000 cost helping guides.  So whether you want to know technology costs or a professional service, you’re bound to find it here.  The next time you need to figure out what something costs, be sure to keep this resource in mind.  Feel free to follow here on Twitter @howmuchforit.

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